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Remarkable people who said yes!

Shirley Maclaine:

Academy Award Winning Actress, and Best-selling Author. The knowledge in her books is displacing fear and collective ignorance.

Barry Eisler:

Cornell educated lawyer, former CIA covert operative - changing hearts and minds through his best selling fiction thrillers.

Erin Gruwell:

Her life story featured in the movie The Freedom Writers portrayed by Academy Award Winning Actress
Hilary Swank.

Dr Jeffrey Wigand:

Big Tobacco Whistle-blowing Scientist - Whose life story was featured in the movie 'The Insider' played by Russell Crowe.

Dr Bruce Piasecki:

VP Al Gore's former White House Energy Adviser. NY Times No.5 Best-selling author Consultant to over 3000 Fortune 500 CEO's.

Dr Miceal Ledwith:

Former President & Professor of Theology at Maynooth University, Ireland and Papal Adviser for 17 yrs to Pope John Paul II.

Kevin Sorbo:

Actor in the world's No.1 TV Show The Legend of Hercules (34m fans). Champions LA Charity 'A World fit for Kids'

Ryan Hreljac:

Since he was 6 Ryan sacrificed everything to bring drinking water to under-privileged people all around the world.

Paulo Coelho:

Legendary best-selling spiritual author who has sold over 100m books and tells his remarkable life story using the Code.

Dr Irving Dardik:

Founding Chairman of US Olympics Sports Medicine Council now being hailed as the new Einstein - former Gold Medal Surgeon.

Dr Robert Thurman:

Voted as one of the 25 most influential men in the USA today by TIME Magazine. Co-Founded Tibet House with Actor Richard Gere.

Zach Hunter:

At 12 he became an anti-slavery activist, forming his charity Loose Change to ease the suffering of & free earth's 27 million slaves.

Sophie B. Hawkins:

Award winning singer songwriter. Fragility underscored by grit - strength from healing childhood abuse.

Todd Allen:

Actor/Writer/Producer who has appeared in 50+ major films shares stories of his remarkable high integrity life in the format of the Code.

Teddy Getty:

100 years old! Her story is unflinchingly honest about a life lived from the heart and marriage to J P Getty, once the richest man on earth.

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